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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The kind of day today was.

Today was a great day. A "go to Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale" kind of day. And a "buy body sprays in the multiple for 3 dollars each" kind of day. You can't go wrong with one of these days. Heehee.
It was also a "get up early and do cardio" one. A feel great day all around.

When I left the house this morning the sun was shining in one of those hot "beating down" ways and big jungle storm rain drops started dropping left right and center. It was a beautiful rainbow kind of moment where you wonder how the 2 most amazing things, sun and rain, can mingle and dance together in a magical moment of bliss. A moment where you look up and your breath is lost and your eyes drift close and your arms lift and the smile of a thousand stars tickles your lips to the tune of the pounding raindrops echoing off the earth.

Did I ever tell you how much I love the book Anne of Green Gables? Please tell me if you share in the love and we can share a special moment haha. You know one of those where somebody says they love something and then you kind of open your eyes real wide and can't get words out past the excitement and kind of point to them and you and them and you really fast with an idiotic grin filling your face and squeal "ME TOO!".  I listened to the audio book a couple of months ago and I think I'm itching for another dose.
I sort of see the world through the same kind of eyes as she does sometimes.
I'm kind of just a dreamer.....;)


  1. And I was just thinking to myself "she's an Anne kind of girl" and then in the next paragraph you said you loved Anne of Green Gables. I'm re-reading the books now for the how-many-ith time and delighting in them all over again.
    Keep writing! I like your new blog.

  2. AWW! Oh my word that's so funny!! Heehee. Thanks SO much for the support. Makes my heart thrill that people like reading what lil old me writes In her spare time;)