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Monday, June 8, 2015

My current state of mind

Outside my window...the bright June sunshine is drying the raindrops from the grass and birds are chirping cheerily. It POURED rain all night:)

I am thinking....about the fact that I forgot to start the washing machine a few hours ago. Ahem. I'll be back.
I am thankful...for pouring rain!!! <3 *besotted sigh*
In the kitchen...a Fresh Cucumber candle is burning. I'm usually not into fresh scent (sweet scents are my LOVE) but this one smells really really delicious! Also I am in love with my hand soap that is called Love, Peach, Joy from bath and body works. MMMM!!!! (hand soap, I know, soo interesting. welcome to my life.)
I am wearing...a flowy light purple dress with white retro looking floral print and a lace belt tied around it.
I am creating... a blog post mwahahaha!!
I am going... to finish cleaning out my back room... I prooomise... sometime...(this year hopefully) (resigned embarrassed harrumph)
I am reading.... One Thousand Gifts Devotional by Ann Voskamp. It is the best devotional I have ever read!!! She is such a poetic writer and her thoughts are very complex and lovely.
I am hoping...for the most amazing summer of all time:)
I am looking forward to...This SUMMER!!! I want to go camping and one of my favorite things about summer is going to the beach for supper, campfire and Canada Day fireworks.
I am learning...How to have the self-discipline to do certain things every day to make me feel better and have a better day. (get up on time, work out, morning devotions, eating healthy and taking my vitamins, etc.)
Around the fresh grass smells are wafting from the windows.
One of my favorite the feeling of being absolutely completely overwhelmingly HAPPY and content. <3

Thanks to this lady for the idea;P

Hope you all are having a beautiful day wherever you are!!!


  1. LOVE your new blog!!! :) Especially love your "about me" ...loving life as a wife! also thanks for the shout-out! xo

  2. haha!!! Im so glad you love it!!!;D

  3. I adore this post! Can I copy you?