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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Best Year

Out with the Old and in with the New!


3 Favorite memories: 
1. Our Floridian friends Rusty and Stacia staying at our house when they came for a wedding, it was one of the highlights of the year. Kindred spirits are awesome:)
2. Christmas! It's always a time of making special memories for life.
3.  The big family getaway to Muskoka in summer! Lots of boating, paddle boarding.. Beach... singing in the dark around the campfire.. It was amazing.

3 Things I'm grateful for:
1. Family. I am so extremely blessed and loved.
2. Beautiful things. Sunsets, frosty winter mornings full of sunshine, evenings cuddling in front of the wood stove, blessings galore.
3. That God will never leave or forsake me.

1 hard lesson learned:
My relationship with Christ cannot grow if I don't water it every day.

1 thing I did this year that I'm proud of:
At the end of this year, I made the decision to be kinder. Kinder to myself, my physical, mental and spiritual well being, and kinder to others. Sometimes we can get into a habit of assuming the worst in people and always having something nasty or negative to say about someone, but I do not want to be that person. I want to see people through Jesus' eyes, with love and compassion and understanding in all situations. It's hard and takes effort, but makes my life happier and more blessed when I succeed.


3 places I want to go:
1. To the mountains
2. To Florida
3. To the beach more:)

3 ways I can help others:
1. By being patient and understanding with everyone
2. Praying earnestly for people. I used to do this alot, and names would come to me as I was praying and sometimes the list got pretty long, but I felt like there was always a reason that I was supposed to pray for that person, even if i didn't know what it was.
3. By being 100% submitted to God. I want to be able to be a witness for Him this year more than ever.

3 things I want to get better at: 
1. Keeping my house clean and organized.
2. Cooking. I'm good at making good food, but I want to enjoy it more and be adventurous and healthy in my creations.
3. Being a kinder, happier person.

3 things I am looking forward to:
1. Going on a road trip to a reunion in Kentucky in June!!! woohoo!!!
2. Meeting a new little nephew or niece in summer!!:)
3. An entire year of possibilities. God has blessed us so richly in the last year, and I just know this year will not disappoint either.

3 new things I want to try:
1. Going out of my comfort zone. Beautiful things can happen when you take that step!
2. Being adventurous. Life is beautiful and short and flying by!
3. MY health and happiness being a priority. Gym membership, CHECK! I want to feel GOOD.

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