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Saturday, September 26, 2015


The Favorites of Fall:)

1. Favorite Fall scent?
I have to be cliché and say.. pumpkin everything!!! and of course the smell of crunchy leaves, apple cider and cold breezes<3
 2. Best way to spend a rainy day?

Curled up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a book or a notepad:) Didn't even have to think.
 3. Favorite Fall Drink?

Oh dear. I love hot drinks.. Maple hot tea, white hot chocolate or Cranberry apple cider.
4. Favorite article of clothing this Fall?
BOOTS!!! Also scarves, cozy sweaters, and slippers. everything warm and fluffy:)
5. What is your favorite thing to do in Fall?

Make candles.. and go to Fall festivals and fall craft shows:)
6. Favorite fall dessert?
Harvest Chip muffins. pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips and a cream cheese layer...Nuf said.
7. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

The beautiful vibrant reds and oranges overtaking the forests and the smell of harvest.
8. Favorite Fall food?
Chili and cornbread. or Any soup:)
9. Favorite fall candle?

I'm a candle girl. Asking me to pick a favorite candle is like asking a mother to pick a favorite child. I'll tell you some candles I LOVE. :)  Pumpkin Caramel Swirl from Bath and Body Works. SO sweet, caramelly and pumpkiny... AMAZING. Pumpkin Applewood.. I just poured a batch of this scent and it smells absolutely Heavenly. Pumpkin and apple, a combination which is not usually my favorite, However! This has a hint of  sweetness and smoked cider or SOMETHING and it smells.. like one of the best smells in the world. Maple Syrup candles I make also... soo amazing. Also pumpkin crumble. :O Just.. all the smells<3
10. Favorite fall accessory?
A scarf to warm me up around my neck and mittens.
11. Favorite fall month?
September. When fall first arrives and the thrill of the chilly air and crunchy leaves and everything else i talked about already.:)
12. Favorite Fall memory?
Fall of 2012:) It took place in Ukraine and all of it was magical and perfectly thrilling<3

You all should answer some or all of these questions:)

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  1. Hi!<3 i just caught up on your blog. LOVE u so much. :)