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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Favorite Bits from July

Where is this summer going?! July, GONE. Gone with the wind, faster than I could say cheese. NOT impressed. This has been the best summer of ALL TIME. I don't know why... I suppose lots of beach days and lots of other stuff made it a great month. :) Here are my favorite bits.

I've had probably close to 8 beach days so far this year, which is a record for me. I LOVE IT!!! This is my first summer since I was a young child that I havn't had a full-on job... so... yeah that explains it enough. I am soo lucky to be so close to an awesome sandy beach. * heart eyes*

"Coconut Leaves" candle by Bath and Body Works-
a Sweet, desserty, but fresh at the same time, coconutty GOODNESS. Nuff said.

My flowers.
They were beautiful, lush, huge and pink. I love flowers and summer<3<3<3

Lol. Along with all my beach days came days of pain and excruciating burned-ness. SO my Hawaiian Tropics SPF 30 sparkly YUMMY smelling sunscreen to slather on the shoulders and keep it comfy in for the next few days. :)

Crush perfume from Boathouse-
I found this scent when I was about 14 and went through about 10 bottles in the next few years and to this day the smell makes me nostalgic and happy about when I used to wear it;) It was on sale for 5$ a bottle the other day and i got some, very happily!

Also, Its 4 days into August BUT... I've had so many favorites these last few days that I have to include them!

MY FURNITURE!!!! I made my own chalk paint for super cheap and painted an adorable kitchen hutch I am keeping for Amberlynn, an adorable toy box/bench I got at the town wide garage sale a few weeks ago, and 2 crates, guess what color, white and distressed. Lol. You win the prize if you guessed that right. My kitchen, entry-way, and living-room are so bright and cheery minus the dingy brown wood stuff!!! heart eyes for that!

My new coffee table!-
which is just a cedar chest I moved to the middle of the room to make room under my white round mirror for my adorable newly painted white bench, and upon it I plopped a 1$ thrift store tin tray(spray-painted white gloss) and a beautiful clear glass pitcher with a distressed silver handle full of (fake) flowers and a little birdcage and ceramic bird and a stack of Style At Home magazines. (My favorite!)  ADORABLE!!

My pillow cases!!!
I got 4 brand new square pillows at a thift store for 2$ each and I was across the border at HOBBY LOBBY (my favorite place evers) and the pillow cases were 50% off and I got these that I REALLY like and they look nice on my couch.  

Also, Family times:) With my family and the In-laws, we've had fun times at the beach and other random stuff:) Life is good. <3
I can't think of anything else right at this exact moment.


  1. What a joyously happy post!!! I shall leave here inspired! :) Thank you!!

  2. Oh... and you should post your chalk paint recipe! :)

    1. THANK you!!:) I made mine from a recipe I found on pinterest... 1 cup of paint, 2 Tbsp plaster of paris, 1/4 cup of hot water. It is pretty thin so Next time I would put more plaster or less water so it would cover abit better. I than covered it with a spray sealer.

  3. KATES..... one of my favoritest people ever is blogging againnnnn...... thou has inspirest me.... lol :)

    1. YOU ARE GREAT:) hehe. thanks for reading Jo<3